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Tarika’s Meditations on the Fridge: Free Yourself From Dieting and Maintain Your Weight Mindfully

Tarika's Meditations on the Fridge combines mindful eating meditations, and nutritional guidance to help you establish a healthy, enjoyable way of living and eating, so that you can maintain your weight naturally.

This detoxifying, healing process restores your self-esteem, clearing habits of self-criticism, limiting mindsets, and negative emotions like guilt and shame, which can arise from unhealthy eating. These meditations connect you with your inner sources of love and care, creating a fertile ground for changing what you eat in ways that are pleasurable, and sustainable.

Each meditation module addresses everyday and challenging food situations, enabling you to become mindful while grocery shopping, cooking, eating, at social gatherings, and while craving. Mastering each of these situations enables you to choose satisfying foods that are right for you, and stop eating when your body has had enough, consistently.

You don’t need to deprive yourself, feel left out in social gatherings, or control what you eat to maintain a weight that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. These meditations enable you to respond to your unpredictable, ever-changing needs and environment, while addressing your emotional and nutritional needs, so that you can make the best choice possible in each situation. Making healthy choices moment-to-moment frees you from dieting, enabling you to maintain your weight mindfully. 

Meditation Module One: Smart Choices at the Grocery Store

Develop the knack of passing by unhealthy temptations, and selecting rewarding alternatives, in a split second! Before they make into your basket! Don’t torture yourself repeatedly, by having addictive foods at home.

Instead of being taken over by the part that wants to eat whatever it wants, and grabbing unhealthy indulgences, or austerely denying yourself foods that might make your meals more satisfying, become centered and take charge!

Smart Choices at the Grocery Store connects you to your body wisdom, so that it becomes easy to determine what you need to thrive and maintain balance. Selecting the right types of vegetables, proteins, healthy fats, and whole grains, with room for occasional treats will happen naturally. 

Meditation Module Two: Cooking With Love

Transform cooking from a chore into a mindful, creative activity. It’s fun to prepare foods exactly the way you want, so that they’re nourishing and flavorful. The hands-on nature of cooking makes it one of the easiest times to come into the moment. The feeling of running water as you wash vegetables, the rhythmic motion of chopping, and the delicious aromas can awaken, and engage all of your senses. When you put your heart into cooking, you’ll easily find ways to add powerful punch and flavor, without compromising the healthful benefits. Love is the tastiest, most satisfying ingredient next to physical hunger.

Connect with your creativity in the kitchen, so that you can discover and explore new ways of cooking. Play with exotic ingredients and make scrumptious meals from wholesome foods by adding nourishing herbs and invigorating spices. Surprise yourself as you learn to prepare gourmet meals from simple ingredients within minutes!

Meditation Module Three: Divine Eating- A Mindful Eating Experience

Eating gives you multiple opportunities to commune with nature, God, and life itself. You become one with food as you chew, digest, and assimilate nature’s powerful elements like wind, water, sun, and nutrients from the earth.

Take mini-vacations from the stresses of your life each time you eat! Set your worries and concerns aside to make each meal a sacred time to nourish your body, and connect with yourself at a level so intimately satisfying. In your heart you naturally feel grateful for the foods you eat, which enables you to receive nourishment, and feel satisfied with what your body needs. This meditation gives you heightened sensitivity, so that you receive your signals of fullness and can stop when your body has had enough. Eating mindfully is the most effective way to break habits of overeating.

You can even listen to the Divine Eating Experience in the middle of a binge. It may not always stop you in your tracks, but it will help you become present to your body. You may find yourself pushing your plate aside. It’s a perfect remedy for dissolving guilt and shame around eating.

Meditation Module Four: Eating Healthily in Social Situations

Learn the art of asking for what you want, so that you can enjoy foods that are right for you, while connecting with others. Discover that connection doesn’t come from eating the same foods as others. You can eat healthy foods, while everyone else is shoveling down spaghetti and meatballs, and have a great time!

Since social situations tend to be the most unpredictable, and we have the least control over the foods being served, it’s vital to become intuitive, centered and flexible, so that you can make the best choice possible in each situation.

Politely decline unhealthy temptations, change excessive and mindless eating habits, and break the notion that social gatherings and festivities are excuses to indulge. Planning and tuning into your body before you go out, by investigating menus online, or talking to your host beforehand or at the event can be helpful. Taking time to consider how you want to feel when you’re done eating, before you make your selection, can be enough to transform your body.

Meditation Module Five: Satisfying Cravings in Healthy, Fulfilling Ways

Learn to identify the foods, situations, and emotions that trigger you, so that you can respond intelligently and make empowering choices. Don’t be a slave to your cravings and let food rule your life! 

This meditation transforms the emotions that drive your impulses, so that you are not dependent on food for comfort. As you connect with your inner strengths and soul, you’ll naturally discover what you really need, and find new ways to satisfy your deeper needs.
As you become mindful in moments of cravings and connect with your body, you’ll feel how different foods affect you, and whether they’ll really satisfy you, often before you even eat them. When your cravings arise from nutritional imbalances, they’ll naturally abate as you learn to give your body what it needs. As you become fulfilled in your life and you stop eating additive foods, you can gleefully kiss cravings goodbye.

Meditation Module Six: Stopping When Your Body Has Had Enough

Each of these meditation modules prepares you to receive, and honor your body’s signals of fullness. Making healthy choices at the grocery store, preparing meals with love, connecting with your body while eating, asking for what you want in social situations, avoiding trigger foods and findings more fulfilling ways to meet your needs, makes it easier to stop when your body has had enough.

This meditation enables you to break old habits like finishing the food on your plate, and eating until you’re full. Stopping When Your Body Has Had Enough is the most effective way to lose weight. What, and how you eat impacts your ability to stop.

Recognize that the feeling of wanting more can never be satisfied with food. When we look for things outside ourselves to fulfill us, it’s dissatisfying. No matter how much we eat, what we buy or achieve, it’s never enough. What we’re really longing for is to connect with ourselves at a soul level. In your heart you connect with the feeling of enough, which makes it possible to become fulfilled inwardly and outwardly.

Once you develop the knack you can enjoy a wider variety of foods, and maintain your weight, without obsessing over what you eat. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your body responds when you give it what it needs. You deserve to be beautiful, happy, fulfilled, and free. Don’t you?

6 Private Coaching Sessions with Tarika via Skype

Get 6 private one-on-one coaching sessions with Tarika via Skype. Each one hour session will take you indepth into a cooresponding Meditation Module from the book (6 Modules in Total). Get the personal support you need to make sure you can enjoy the freedom that comes from overcoming your chronic food cravings.

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