Tarika Lovegarden's Weekly Meditation Class Schedule


Meditation Made Easy: Sundays 11:30am-12:30pm

w/Tarika Lovegarden

@ SoulsticeMindBodySpa.com 501 Caledonia Street, Sausalito, CA


Take “time-out” from the chaos of your mind, and find the button to turn off non-stop thinking. Enjoy being here-now. Open your heart, and connect with qualities of clear mind to become silent, alert, present. In your heart you naturally release stress, and connect with inner sources of peace and joy. 

Receive a variety of fun, engaging mindfulness techniques and guided heart meditations, so that you can find effective methods that inspire you. Our mindfulness techniques and guided meditations are designed for people with contemporary, busy lives. They give you the keys to your success and fulfillment, so that you can have what you want in life. 

Each class includes a 30 min guided meditation to give you a profound and uplifting experience of mindfulness. To integrate mindfulness into your everyday life, we’ll practice a variety of meditation techniques like mindful walking, breath, movement, inquiry, and self-reflection that are easy to fit into your schedule.


Body Love Meditations: Mondays 3-4pm

w/ Tarika Lovegarden

@ Soulstice Mind Body Spa: 501 Caledonia Street, Sausalito, CA


If you want a healthier, more satisfying relationship with your body and food, this is your class! Join us to become more radiant, magnetic and beautiful. 

Each week Tarika will be sharing the fruits of her lifelong passion in meditation, presenting the guided meditations she’s created over the past seven years. These designer meditations address issues of beauty, self-esteem, aging, body-criticism, healthy eating, and self-care. 

Simply sit back, relax, and receive these powerful healing processes. Bring your inner beauty to your body, and you’ll transform! 

Our guided meditations begin with your heart, as that’s the easiest way to connect with your inner richness– the grace of who you are. Your heart brings you into balance, and connects you with your intuitive wisdom, so that you can feel what you need moment-to-moment. 

Attend regularly, to discover new confidence and a greater appreciation of your inner strengths and natural beauty. Are you ready?


Meditations to Become Centered In Your Life

w/ Tarika Lovegarden

Tuesdays 9:30am-10:30am

@ SoulsticeMindBodySpa.com  501 Caledonia Street, Sausalito, CA



Do you feel stressed and depleted by the demands in your life? 

Stop leaking your energy, and being pulled in so many different directions! Discover the power and freedom of being centered in the middle of your busy life. Take time for yourself! Connect. Learn what it means to live in the moment, and how to connect with your inner strengths, intrinsic values, and ultimately the essence of who you are. 

We’ll practice a variety of fun, easy-to-use mindfulness techniques that teach you how to become centered in any situation in your life. Shift from feeling frustrated and dissatisfied with your life, to being in harmony- humming with new vibrancy and deep inner peace. 

These meditation experiences combine guided heart meditations, with mindfulness techniques that you can use in your daily life to transform your relationships, relieve stress, become a better parent, boost your self-esteem, access your true power, and become fulfilled in your life.


Guided Heart Meditations:Tuesdays 6:30-7:30pm &

 Lunchtime Meditations: Wednesdays 12:30-1:15pm

w/Tarika Lovegarden

@Harmoniamarin.com 2200 Marinship Way, Sausalito, CA.


Do you feel stressed and depleted by the demands in your life? Take time for yourself! Replenish in the richness of your heart and discover your deeper nature. Experience peace and harmony as your mind relaxes, and you come into balance.Tarika’s warmth and approach is loving, inspirational and fun. She draws from her life-long experience, making it easy for you to experience the benefits of meditation like love and peace, right away.


Meditation + Yoga to Deepen Your Practice on and off the Mat!

Wednesday 9:30am-11am

@ SoulsticeMindBodySpa.com 501 Caledonia Street, Sausalito, CA

w/Tarika Lovegarden & Christian Allaire


Deepen your practice on and off the mat with this powerful combination of guided meditation and flow yoga - elevate your awareness and expand your physical practice. Connect with your deeper nature as your body releases tension and stress.  We’ll begin with a 5min guided meditation, followed by a 55min dynamic yoga flow, ending with a 25 minute guided meditation to take you into the depths of your inner nature.  Our total body, mind, and soul workout naturally quiets your mind, giving you easy access to higher levels of intuitive and emotional intelligence.

These guided meditations open a channel of communication with your body, so that you can feel what you need to deepen your practice, both on-and-off the mat. You’ll be surprised as you discover new, more fulfilling ways to take care of your own needs, while treasuring the precious people in your life.