Born from parents who have committed their lives to the transformational power of meditation, Tarika Lovegarden studied meditation from her parents and spiritual community since adolescence to gain the wisdom that eventually saved her life from the destructive power of food addiction. After gaining the strength and will to move beyond the chronic cravings of food facing her, she chose to dedicate herself to serving others by creating guided meditations to begin the healing process from food addiction and body image issues.

Her latest work, Meditations on the Fridge is the result of years of meditation, reflecting upon compulsive eating habits, and pondering the question: “how can I stop compulsively overeating, and heal others of their obsessions with food?” Since 2007 she’s been developing, refining and practicing the mindfulness practices in Meditations on the Fridge and her accompanying guided meditations to address the emotional triggers, cravings, and unhealthy habits that lead to poor food choices. As a celebrated international author, meditation seminar leader and nutritionist, Tarika has guided numerous people through her mindful eating meditations, so that they can enjoy food more, and maintain their weight mindfully.


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