FREE 3 Minute Combating Food Cravings Meditation

Get your free sample guided meditation here. Whether you're new to Tarika's work or a longtime fan, we have an ever growing product offering for you to address what people have been asking for. For starters, if you're suffering from acute food cravings, we have a free new guided audio meditation that can get you back in control when food strikes in only 3 minutes. Yes the most common food challenge is the impulse urge that attacks when you least expect it– now you have a free tool to combat food cravings and move on with your life. Enjoy!

If you are suffering from ongoing food cravings, which Tarika refers to as chronic food cravings, she has several offerings for you. From the complete 6 Module Audio Set of Guided Meditations from Tarika's companion book Meditations on the Fridge, to one-on-one personal coaching sessions via Skype– Tarika wants to make sure you have the support you need to reset your relationship with food and live a life with the freedom you deserve.

3 Minute Combat Food Cravings Meditation

What's included:
One 3 minute audio guided tour led by Tarika Lovegarden for your personal use. File can be played either within your Tarika Lovegarden Account or Downloaded as an .mp3 to your personal devices.