Tarika's Meditations on the Fridge offers you everything you need to combat food cravings and manage your weight mindfully. Each module offers you specific support to guide you.

Module 1: Smart Choices at the Grocery Store

Learn to make healthy choices and pass by unhealthy temptations at the grocery store, so that unhealthy treats don’t haunt you at home.

Module 2: Cooking with Love

Transform cooking from a chore into a mindful, creative activity, so that you can make delicious meals from healthy whole foods, again and again.

Module 3: Divine Eating- A Mindful Eating Experience

Come into the moment, connect with your body, and savor each bite, so that you feel nourished and satisfied.

Module 4: Eating Healthily in Social Situations

Learn to select the healthiest, most satisfying options in social situations, so that you can enjoy festivities and feel great the next day.

Module 5: Satisfying Cravings in Healthy, Fulfilling Ways

Discover what you really need in moments of cravings, so that you can satisfy your body nutritionally, and find more fulfilling ways to meet your deeper needs.

Module 6: Stopping When Your Body’s Had Enough

Develop the knack of stopping when your body’s had enough, by eating mindfully, so that you naturally receive signals of fullness.

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